Julia Ingersoll

Saratoga HUG Leader // Allegory Studios

Julia dreams of a world with less junk mail. Hopefully, by bringing the message of Inbound to the Saratoga Springs community and NY Capital Region, she'll be able to help make this dream come true. 

A natural communicator, Julia has experience building and launching brands through mindful marketing and honest message strategies. Julia was introduced to HubSpot in 2013 when she joined the team at Allegory Studios, a certified HubSpot Partner. Since then, she's been Hub-obsessed and HubSpot and Inbound certified. 

Julia has first-hand experience with the heavy lift and the big picture planning it takes to revamp your marketing program. Whether she's teaching marketing workshops or building multi-level workflows, she's constantly dreaming up the next big way to share her clients great ideas. 

Find Julia on Twitter at @julia_ingersoll or by email, julia@allegorystudios.com